Analyst Breaks Down The Future Surge Date

Amid the XRP price unfavorable market sentiment, Changelly, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, has sparked new optimism by predicting a potential surge in the token’s price. The crypto exchange has projected new all-time highs for the cryptocurrency in the upcoming years.

XRP 2024 Price Prediction

On Wednesday, February, Changelly released a research report projecting XRP’s monthly prices for 2024. The crypto exchange emphasized XRP’s historical challenges, recounting significant declines that caused the cryptocurrency to trade well below its 2018 all-time high of $3.84.

Following an extensive analysis of XRP, Changelly has predicted a 23.71% increase in the price of XRP, surpassing current resistance levels at $0.5 and reaching $0.667 by February 16, 2024.

XRP’s price trends sideways on the daily chart. Source: XRPUSDT on Tradingview

The crypto exchange noted that current technical indicators signal a 28% bearish bullish market sentiment on the token, alongside a Fear and Greed index reflecting high Greed at 74.

Changelly has also reported a positive seven-day upward trend for XRP, noting a $0.01 increase in the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency platform foresees the average price of XRP reaching $0.617 by March, with a projected price range of $0.550 to $0.685.

Changelly forecasts that XRP will trade above the $0.50 mark in April and May, reaching average price values of $0.562 and $0.573, respectively. From June to September, the cryptocurrency is expected to gradually approach the $0.60 mark, with the average price values of XRP ranging from $0.55 to $0.59 during these months.

By November, the token is anticipated to break past resistance levels, maintaining an average price of $0.662, with a minimum and maximum value of $0.569 and $0.755, respectively. Meanwhile, Changelly has predicted a surge in the average XRP price to $0.695 for December, potentially reaching a peak value of $0.829. 

Massive Price Surge In Upcoming Years

In its research report, Changelly provided a forecast of the token from 2025 to 2050. The crypto exchange platform anticipates big gains for the cryptocurrency, expecting its price to exceed $500 in the coming decades. Specifically for 2025 and 2026, Changelly projects XRP to surpass the $1 mark and trade at an average price of $1.18 and $1.72, respectively.

The cryptocurrency is expected to slowly increase over the years, surging past $2 mark in 2027 and surpassing its all-time high of 3.84 for the first time to reach an average price of $5.04 in 2028.

In the decade from 2030 to 2040, Changelly has predicted that XRP would trade at an average price of $7.39 in 2030, rapidly gaining more momentum over the years to reach a maximum level of $480.23 and a minimum of $413.15 in 2040.

By 2050, XRP is projected to surpass the $600 mark and trade at $625.74, with a maximum and minimum value of $690.55 and $595.36, respectively.

Chart from Tradingview

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