Semiconductor Design Company Bitmain Suspends Sales of Antminers in Mainland China

The multinational semiconductor company Bitmain Technology Holding announced that from October 11, 2021, Bitmain’s Antminer will stop shipping to mainland China in order to comply with a series of local bans on strict crackdowns on cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, China intensified law enforcement against domestic Bitcoin mining activities. Bitmain has decided to stop the sales of its encrypted mining equipment under careful consideration and reduce the supply of mining machines on the market.

In response to the Chinese government’s carbon-neutral policy, Bitmain stated that it has completed the carbon indicator procurement projects for clean energy power generation from China’s Yunnan, Xinjiang, and other places.

The specific use will be elaborated at the 2021 World Digital Mining Summit” held by Bitmain in Dubai.

According to the official announcement, Bitmain Technology Holding stated:

 “From October 11, 2021, Antminer will stop shipping to mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan).”

The company stated that it will actively contact mainland Chinese customers who have signed forward contracts to seek an alternative that is satisfactory to both parties.

The forced suspension of business in China this time will not affect the delivery process of overseas customers. The Bitmain supply chain team is working hard to ensure the supply of global customers and increase the supply of Antbox-a mobile crypto mining farm, also known as Deerbox, is the first of its kind, a plug-and-play mobile mining farm with low energy consumption and at the same time practical to speed up the construction of overseas mines.

In July, the hashrate, which is used to measure the processing power of the BTC network, plummeted by 50% amid intensified crypto mining crackdowns by Chinese authorities.

Image source: Shutterstock